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Sunday, November 25, 2012

12 weeks down and a year of running plans

Finally, twelve weeks have passed and I can slowly start running again. I did my first run yesterday. A slow and careful but still most enjoyable 2 miles. Thankfully, I had no pain and am planning another run for tomorrow. I am hoping that after a few weeks of slow progression I will be back to a reasonable regimen and can start seriously focusing on key races for 2013. Not that I haven't put serious consideration into this already.
If all goes well - I've already set my schedule. Hopefully I will kick off the ultra season in June with a 50 miler, and finish it up healthy and strong in October with a 100 miler. More specifically, my tentative goal races are as follows:
6/16 - Mohican Trail 50M in OH
7/21 - 12 hr. of Big Bear Lake in WV
10/05 - Oil Creek 100M in PA
I am hoping to be able to start my training in earnest in March, which is conveniently when Oil Creek registration opens.
With my return to running, I am really going to try to do a better job of incorporating what I've learned from my injury into my routine. These are all obvious things that I've neglected in the past even though I know their importance. Things like stretching, doing strengthening exercises to build opposing muscles, eating better, spending more time on terrain similar to courses that I plan to race, and hiking. I already have a good jump on eating better, and my plans to spend more time on similar terrain and hiking are maturing as my Goldendoodle pup, Flapjack, gets closer to running age each day.
Flapjack ready for adventure at 4 mos.
I am ecstatic to be back to putting miles on the legs again. And I really think that the last 12 weeks of being injured will help me to train smarter and enjoy many many more miles on the trails and roads. Happy trails everyone.

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