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Friday, October 26, 2012

I am a runner. And now a blogger as well.

I'm an ultra-runner. I like to run further than most people like to drive. And I enjoy it. Not only do I enjoy it, I thrive off of it. Few things brighten my day the way a run does. Unless it is of course talking about running, or planning runs. Even thinking about running and distant races brings a smile to my face and puts a little bounce in my step.

That said I am still  relatively 'new' ultra-runner. I completed my first ultra (a 50 miler) a little over a year ago, and instantly fell in love.  Since then I have completed a 50K, a second 50 miler, and the Western States 100, as well as 2 marathons.  Outside of ultras, I've been marathoning for 1/2 a dozen years, and running the better 3/4's of my life.

However, sometimes enthusiasm catches up with you. After an excellent first year plunge into ultra-running, I am recovering from my first real running related injury.  Sure, I've had plenty of bruises along the way from sprains and strains to PF and runner's knee; but nothing like this one.  Eight weeks ago I heard those two words that are dreaded by every runner, "stress fracture".  And to make matters worse, the severity and location of mine is a 12 week ordeal instead of the normal 6-8 weeks that most runners go through. Thanks to the third word, pelvic, that immediately preceded the two other downers already mentioned.

So while I am biking and starting to use the elliptical to stay in shape some, I figured I would take advantage of the spare free time and start a blog.  Here I will capture my stories as an ultra runner, thoughts on training and where my running is taking me.

Lately, my running has been taking me to the gym and the kitchen.  The gym because, well, I can't currently run but I can cycle and as of last week I can use the elliptical.  The kitchen because I am trying to reform my "I run, I can eat whatever" attitude to benefit my training once I come back from my injury.  Even without running, I can tell the time in the kitchen is paying off.  Or more correctly, my husbands time in the kitchen - since he cooks more nights during the week than I do right now. As the kitchen experiments continue, I may post the occasional recipe - especially if it is followed by a fantastic energy filled run on the next day.

So I guess it is official. I am now a blogger, as well as a runner.  Happy Trails and keep running!


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